Amine Reboiler

Sigma Thermal weir bath heaters can serve as very reliable amine reboilers for your processing facility.

Sigma offers complete thermal fluid systems that have been redesigned and upgraded for years into some of the most efficient systems you can buy. If our amine reboiler systems don’t meet your exact specifications, let our team of engineers design a new concept for you that meets your needs. Find out more about our system packages by calling 770-427-5770.

Weir Bath Heaters as Amine Reboilers

A weir bath amine reboiler is a slight variation of the standard water bath heater. The functions differ slightly in that a Weir bath heater doesn’t utilize a coil. The bath vessel contains a fire-tube and a weir at the end of the fire-tube. The amine comes in direct contact with the fire-tube as it is heated. The regenerated fluid then falls over the weir where the return line sends it back to the process user.

Leaders in heaters – Sigma Thermal

The teams at Sigma Thermal are recognized leaders in all types of industrial heating systems and work site training. We didn’t become industry leaders by treating customers the same.  We make sure we give each job our best and go further to find ways to save costs in installation and maintenance of thermal heaters, amine reboilers, glycol heating systems, waste heat recovery devices and much more.

What makes our commissioning teams better? We listen to what you have to say about your company. Then we build a working partnership to help you get the most out of the heating system. We can blend your demands with the right equipment into efficient application designs. No two installation projects are ever identical. Each one presents its own problems and learning opportunities. One thing never changes however; we stand by our equipment throughout its life.

Don’t be surprised if your expectations for your industrial amine reboiler system are met and exceeded by our commissioning and consulting. At Sigma Thermal, it’s what we do best. Find a qualified representative near you by calling 770-427-5770.