Ammonia Heating

At Sigma Thermal, our application engineers have a solid background in the design and construction of robust and reliable direct fired process heaters for ammonia heating applications.

At atmospheric pressure, anhydrous ammonia (NH3) is a gas with a boiling point of -34°F. For agricultural use, it is stored as a liquid in large pressurized tanks.  During planting season, NH3 is fed from storage tanks through delivery trucks in loading stations typically adjacent to the storage tanks. Prior to loading into the distribution tankers the NH3 must be heated from approximately -30F to approximately 40F. One of the critical considerations of this process is the short window allowed for crop application; heating systems must be robust and flawlessly dependable.

We manufacture all types of heaters to manage NH3 in its liquid and vaporized during production and/or distribution. This specialized equipment is built to handle various application capacities while ensuring safe operation around potentially harmful and damaging vapors.