Total Customer Care Program

direct-fired-heaters-p2-r1-500x375Your maintenance plan is incomplete without our Total Customer Care Program (TCCP). Operating and maintaining process heating equipment is a serious undertaking. Safety, reliability, periodic maintenance, ever-changing codes, standards, and process needs are a challenge for even the most experienced facility managers.

Add TCCP to your maintenace plan to preschedule proactive services for your heating system. Sigma Thermal offers full service support for all of your operation and maintenance needs. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and perform routine services quickly to minimize interruption. Sigma service technicians can also help troubleshoot existing performance issues and provide on-site training to elimnate future occurences. See program benefits below.

Prescheduled Maintenance
Exclusive Discounts
Preferred Support

Join Sigma Thermal’s Total Customer Care Program to avoid shutdowns and to ensure that your heating system maintains optimal performance overtime.

Become a Member

No cost to join. No penalty to cancel.

Members Receive:

  • Fixed service rates for 3 years*
  • 5% discount on all spare parts*
  • Access to priority customer service line w/24 hour on-call phone support
  • Access to a growing video library of helpful how-to videos on common maintenance tasks and service issues
  • Priority scheduling for annual service visits
*From the date of your first annual service visit

Annual Visits Include:

  • Comprehensive system inspection to identify areas of concern
  • Thermal image scanning of the heater, exhaust or other ductwork to identify potential hot spots or insulation degradation
  • Verification of safety and limit devices for proper operation
  • Burner tuning for optimum efficiency and lowest potential emissions
  • Control loop optimization for improved process temperature control
  • Thermal fluid sampling and post-sampling logging/analysis for thermal oil systems
  • Onsite training for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Critical spare parts for inventory and evaluation
  • Assessment and assistance with upgrades, expansion, or retrofit plans

Whether it is service, technical support, training, parts, upgrades, or retrofits, you can rest easy knowing that you’re supported by the most qualified experts in our industry.