Fired Heater

Sigma Thermal produces both standard and custom engineered fired heaters with available system options and a full range of maintenance, parts and support services.  Our team of engineers has decades of experience in the industrial heating sector.  Our team of engineers can help you meet your fired heater requirements with our comprehensive plan:

  • Engineering
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • On-site Training
  • Maintenance plans
  • Troubleshooting
  • Related energy systems equipment …and much more

Our commissioning and training capabilities are designed to meet all expectations for your direct fired heater systems including design, manufacturing specifications, optional automation controls, supervision of the heating system installation, expertise and service for parts and equipment, and more. Our engineers are ready to serve you. Contact our main office by phone at 770-427-5770, or visit this form to submit an RFQ with specific questions.

Did you know?

Sigma Thermal offers all types of radiant–convective fired heater designs including API 560 compliant systems. Find out specific details of the Sigma fired heater packages currently offered.

Our commitment

We are recognized in the industry as the fired heater experts who are committed to engineering and building quality equipment and systems. Sigma Thermal offers both technical expertise and support throughout the lifetime of the standard and customized heating solutions we provide. We didn’t become industry leaders by treating every job as one size fits all.

Every job receives our dedicated attention, and we treat each as a special opportunity. We make it our duty to listen to and understand your requirements so that we may provide the solution that is most efficient and cost effective. Contact our main office by phone at 770-427-5770 to connect with representatives that serve your surrounding area.