Hot Oil Furnace

There are lots of advantages to installing a hot oil furnace. Systems that use thermal mediums are capable of operating at very high temperatures (synthetic fluids can be heated up to 800F in some cases) but don’t need high pressures to maintain the temperatures. This means hot oil furnaces have significant safety benefits over water and steam based boilers.

The risks of scale formation, corrosion and frost are also easily avoidable. Many options for automatic operations are also available and can help keep operating costs at a minimum. When you raise the safety standards for your company, you lower the bottom line.

Looking for more efficiency out of your hot oil furnace?

Sigma Thermal offers many different types of heat recovery options that allow your heating system to operate at optimal efficiency.

How does the hot oil furnace work?

Our furnaces fire a burner through the center of a helical coil. The coil takes on the energy from the combustion process. The coil has oil pumped through it at low pressures. The thermal fluid heats coils containing the process fluid in heat exchangers. Unlike a boiler, the heating process does not heavily pressurize the shell of the heater, the helical coil or the piping, thus making the operation safer for maintenance crews.

Sigma Thermal is the hot oil furnace design specialists!

Our professional team of engineers can assist you with the following:

  • Comprehensive system inspection to identify hazards
  • Verification of safety limits during operation
  • Burner tuning for lowest potential emissions
  • Control loop optimization for better temperature control
  • Onsite training for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Critical spare parts inventory assessment

Hot oil furnaces to meet specifications

Sigma hot oil furnaces and automation packages are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Ask us which configuration would be best for your particular application. Submit an RFQ on this page to find out more about the standard thermal output range and operational details.