Oil Fired Heater

A more efficient oil fired heater

One of the real advantages of utilizing a Sigma Thermal oil fired heater is that their efficiency rates can sometimes be as high as 93%. Utilizing an optional waste heat recovery system and achieving this high efficiency allows you to send out fewer environmental hazards and keep your cost lower year round. Any one of our qualified representatives will tell you, the thermal efficiencies of our oil fired heaters are extremely high, depending on certain factors and conditions.

Getting a new industrial heating system isn’t always an easy investment. Lots of planning and troubleshooting needs to take place before you can begin installation. You need an experienced team like the ones at Sigma Thermal to design it for your specific needs. Our engineering teams can build, pre-test, tune and calibrate your new oil fired heater. You’ll also need availability of parts and service for the coming years and all at a cost you can afford. Sigma can do all of that and more.

Looking for a long-term system package for your oil fired heater?

Sigma technicians can guarantee your system’s performance year in and year out by:

  • Scheduling system audits
  • Guaranteeing locked rates on scheduled service
  • Providing discounts on most components
  • Pledging a priority-level response time for problems

Oil fired heaters built to your specifications

Sigma oil fired heater packages are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Ask us which configuration would be best for your particular application. The teams from our home office in Georgia can work with you to determine all specifics on standard thermal output ranges and other details. Ask them a question here.

Don’t forget – Sigma offers automatic control packages

Sigma Thermal offers complete control systems engineering, integration and programming for a wide range of industries, and our experience assures you that we can design one specifically for your business. Our engineers provide cost effect and innovative solutions to complex manufacturing control issues of oil fired heater designs.