Indirect Bath Heater

Indirect bath heaters are excellent choices for applications in the oil and gas industries. They are suitable for many types of work, including natural gas and crude oil heating.

How is the Sigma Thermal indirect bath heater designed?

Our standard indirect bath heater consists of one or multiple firetubes, a heavy duty housing and an ASME Section VIII coil. The Sigma firetube is designed to efficiently transfer the heat from the combusted fuel into the bath solution. The flow coil is designed to safely contain the process fluid and transfer the required heat from the water bath to the process streams. The coil is designed specifically for your process to allow for the most economical and compact arrangement.

Long-term service plans are available to guarantee your indirect bath heater’s performance year in and year out.

  • Regular system audits by a qualified technician
  • Scheduled service with a rate guarantee for the entire contract
  • Factory direct low pricing on all components
  • Priority response

Sigma Thermal teams stand by every piece of their equipment for the duration of its service. We go the extra steps to truly understand your business and pairing it with an indirect bath heater system that will consistently exceed your expectations. The heavy duty industrial design of our indirect bath heater systems can be optimized for indoor, outdoor or hazardous classifications. Our heaters are extremely efficient, especially when paired with waste heat capture systems.

The Sigma Thermal system packages are designed to meet all expectations for your indirect bath heater including:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing specifications
  • Automation controls
  • Management of the heating system installation process
  • Expertise in parts and equipment …and much more!

Our parts and engineering representatives are ready to serve you. Contact our home office team to find your nearest Sigma Thermal representative.   You may also call our main facility at 770-427-5770.