Salt Bath Heater

A salt bath heater utilizes molten salt as a transfer media in lieu of water or thermal oil. The salt liquefies at ~390º allowing a process stream outlet temperature of 300º to 650º to be achieved. Salt Bath Heaters are designed for high temperatures at low operating pressures

Sigma Thermal designs and manufactures a high-quality salt bath heater system. We also manufacture two other types of designs:

  • Water Bath Heater
  • Weir Bath Heater

There are some distinct advantages to water bath, weir bath and salt bath heater designs that other types of heating systems don’t have:

  • Flexible fuel choice
  • Choose between standard or engineered burner configurations
  • Many types of automated control systems are available
  • Choices between the type of coil design

Looking for direct control over your salt bath heater assembly?

We can custom design a completely automated system for process control of your furnace model. Need something more? Our teams can provide your work force with training sessions on your work site to review procedures and safety precautions before it gets installed.

Sigma Thermal offers complete control systems engineering, integration and programming for a wide range of industries. This includes, but is not limited to, the oil & gas industry, water & waste water industry, and process heating industry. Our engineers provide cost effect and innovative solutions to complex manufacturing control issues.

Shop for all your salt bath heater parts from Sigma Thermal Heating

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