We Offer 2 Types of Thermal Fluid Systems

The Sigma Thermal HC product line offers two types of standard thermal fluid system heaters. We also offer customized system designs. One of our application engineers can help you decide which solution is right for your company.

What are the advantages of a thermal fluid system?

Thermal fluids are able to function at high temperatures for extended periods (some types of oils can be heated up to 800F) yet they operate safer at lower pressures, keeping crews that work in the surrounding area safer. Other risks that are easily avoided are scale formation and corrosion. Sigma thermal fluid systems are also easily operated automatically, and their rugged designs will stay reliable for years to come.

How are thermal fluid systems typically used?

  • Press heating
  • Convection ovens
  • Liquid tank heating
  • Suction heating
  • Natural gas heating
  • Jacketed vessel heating
  • Reactor vessel heating
  • Process reboilers
  • Fryers
  • Indirect steam generators
  • In line liquid heating

Go with the thermal fluid system experts

Why are we heat energy management experts? Our teams have had decades of experience with industrial heating applications. Our engineers are constantly optimizing our thermal fluid system and other fired heater designs to provide your company the most cost effective operation possible. We also provide energy audits along with our technical consulting. This way you can be assured to avoid losing energy that could actually be recovered, helping your bottom line.

What types of heat recovery options can we help you with? We have many different types of systems that can help your thermal fluid system run more efficiently. Just contact our main office and we’ll get started!

Did you know?

Our professional engineering teams perform onsite thermal fluid system training for your crew of operators and maintenance personnel. Contact our home office by phone at 770-427-5770 to schedule an appointment, submit an RFQ, or simply ask your qualified Sigma Thermal representative about it.