Regeneration Gas Heater

Regeneration Gas Heater Design Advantages:

Regeneration gas heaters have more design flexibility

Attaining optimal heater configuration is easier when you can utilize row by row convection coil design. Sigma Thermal has extensive experience in process coil designs that can fluctuate between multi-phase fluids, carbons, solids or gaseous mixtures when necessary.

More fuel source and burner options

Standard or engineered burner configurations are available for use with both traditional and alternative fuel sources. Both natural draft and forced draft units available. Low emissions burners can be supplied to meet all emission requirements (e.g., Low NOx, Best Available Control Technology).

Higher efficiency for lower operating costs

Base efficiencies of regeneration gas heaters can exceed 90% depending on process inlet temperature. This can rise as high as 93% when paired with an optional economizer.

Advanced Control Systems

Our engineers can design a complete control system that can easily optimize system safety and performance year round. Sigma thermal automation teams can supply simple and cost effective standard panels, or full automation for any one of our regeneration gas heater systems.

First-time buyer? Let us handle the difficult jobs

Getting a new regeneration gas heater can be a confusing and difficult. Not every industrial heating company can offer both superior products and consulting. Sigma can. Our experienced engineers and automation technicians can design a heating solution for your specific needs. You need a team as experienced as ours to build, pre-test, tune and calibrate everything to maximum efficiency. You’ll also need availability of parts and service for the coming years and all at a cost you can afford.

Don’t trust your investment to just any heating company – trust Sigma Thermal. Contact our representatives here, or call our home office directly at 770-427-5770.