Thermal Fluid Heater

A thermal fluid heater uses a liquid phase heat transfer medium to put heat energy into a process. Thermal oil, glycol, or water are common heat mediums that are used by being heated and circulated to heat energy users within a closed loop system. Sigma Thermal heating systems designs, engineers, and manufactures some of the finest, most reliable thermal fluid heaters available.

What are the advantages of thermal fluid heaters?

Thermal mediums offer high-temperature operation capabilities (synthetic oils can be heated up to 800F) yet remain at low pressures. The risks of scale formation, corrosion and frost are also avoidable for oil-based heat transfer media. Thermal fluid heaters are easier that common steam systems to operate and maintain.  There are also many different types of heat recovery options that allow your thermal fluid heater to operate at optimal efficiency.

Types of industries that make use of the thermal fluid heater systems available from Sigma Thermal:

  • Food processing plants
  • Rubber and plastics processing
  • Rigid packing companies
  • Publishing and print industries
  • Timber processing plants
  • Metal fabrication and finishing services
  • Paper production companies
  • Textile processing facilities
  • Automobile manufacturing plants
  • Natural gas processing & transmission
  • Crude oil extraction, processing, & transmission … and more

You may also hear of these types of closed loop liquid phase heat transfer systems referred to as thermal fluid heating systems, water-glycol heaters, hot oil boilers, and HC-2 and HC-1 type thermal fluid heater systems.

Save money and time

Order all your heating system components from the large inventory at Sigma Thermal. We can guarantee that your equipment is current with the industry standards, and can be shipped on time at an affordable price to anywhere in the world.

We also have replacement parts and service for thermal fluid heater systems originally supplied by other manufacturers.
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