Water Bath Heater

How does it work?

A water bath heater has a process coil that is submerged into a heated bath solution.  The process liquids and/or gasses traveling through the process coil are then heated indirectly by the bath solution. Overall the process is very simple. It’s also a safe method for indirectly heating various process mediums without the risk of explosion, in the event of coil failure.  The bath can normally be heated up to around 200°F at atmospheric pressures. A water-glycol mixture is the most common bath solution for most low-temperature heating applications.

Two types of high-quality water bath heaters

Advantages of Sigma thermal designs

Our salt bath, weir bath and water bath heating systems are designed with flexibility in mind.  Some of the advantages in

  • Various fuel source options
  • Standard or engineered burner configurations
  • Affordable automated control systems
  • Variety of coil designs

Automated direct control of water bath heater assembly

Sigma Thermal offers complete control systems engineering, integration and programming services for a wide range of industries. This includes, but is not limited to, the oil & gas industry, water & waste water industry, and process heating industry. Our engineers will work with you to provide cost effect and innovative solutions for your complex manufacturing control issues. What’s even better is that our teams can schedule on-site training seminars with your workforce to get them up to speed and familiarized with the system before it is installed.

Aftermarket support for your water bath heater

Service professionals will assist you throughout the lifetime of your equipment or system.  Sigma Thermal’s support services include onsite, training, annual inspections and maintenance programs, available replacement parts, troubleshooting assistance, retrofits, and recommendation.

The parts that you need are available and ready to ship when you need it.  Contact us to get a list of the complete line of heating system parts available for Sigma Thermal systems. We also have parts for other brands. Just ask anyone of our expert engineers that are ready to serve you! Visit this page to send us an RFQ and find a regional representative.