Wood Biomass Energy

One of the more popular and efficient wood biomass energy systems that Sigma Thermal manufactures is a standard wet fuel furnace. This wet fuel furnace system is largely employed for the purpose of energy creation within factories that work with wood or timber. As a result of the higher moisture content fuels (e.g., hogged bark, green wood chips) being so readily available, the wet fuel furnace design is the perfect fit your energy creation needs.

How does the Sigma Thermal wood biomass energy furnace work?

The reciprocating grate utilizes staged combustion of your wet biomass fuel. Sigma’ grate system is distinct because it is divided into multiple sections that can be operated at different speeds. This will help you to achieve a higher degree of complete combustion of your fuel. Depending on the moisture content of the fuel, the grate will react to obtain the maximum energy from the fuel.  This design enhancement prevents the over burning of dry fuel and the underutilization of wetter fuels. If you are the operator, you are in control of how the fuel because you can alter the amount of time the fuel spends on the grate.

Fuel storage bin design

The following are benefits of Sigma Thermal’s storage bin design:

  • Minimal maintenance for reduced downtime
  • Rugged live bottom fuel feed to boost feed rate accuracy
  • Range of bin sizes to meet feed requirements and plant operating schedule
  • Screwless bin base to handle larger pieces of varying fuel
  • External hydraulic cylinders, motors, and power units

Technical guidance for biomass combustion energy systems

The professional team of engineers at Sigma can perform training seminars to help educate new operators and refresh existing crew members on an annual basis.  Training includes (but is not limited to) basic operational and automated control functions, safety, troubleshooting and maintenance of your wood biomass energy system. Contact our home office by phone at 770-427-5770 to schedule an appointment, submit an RFQ, or simply ask your qualified Sigma Thermal representative about it.