Asphalt & Roofing

Asphlat-and-Roofing1Asphalt is a mineral compound, a blend of mineral aggregate and bitumen. Due to its density, heat must be applied to this engineered product in order for it to flow. Generally, crude oil is heated during the distillation phase of the manufacturing process. In the course of refining the bitumen product, air heating (within the reactor) is applied under pressure to promote oxidation.

Sigma Thermal electric process heating solutions are available to satisfy asphalt manufacturing heating requirements. From jacketed reactor heating and cooling to freeze protection, our systems cover a range of heating applications to meet this industries needs.

During the production of asphalt shingles, heat is utilized throughout the entire manufacturing process. Sigma Thermal electric immersion and circulation heaters are available for tank heating. Other phases of the process, with lower temperature requirements, can utilize solutions like water glycol heating system.


Emission requirements are a major topic of concern for many asphalt plants. Since many emission sources exist within the asphalt production process, it’s important to address different ways to reduce or eliminate excess emissions. Consider electric process heating an optimal solution for processes with low or zero-emissions requirements.