Freeze Protection

Freeze protection is critical to a variety of industrial processes; from protecting water storage tanks to keeping heavy equipment operating during cold weather.

At Sigma Thermal, we engineer and fabricate a wide range of freeze protection solutions. Because our systems utilize heated fluid rather than electric heat trace cable, they can be applied to remote or low power applications.

Depending on the length and other parameters of the specific application, freeze protection systems may be electric or gas fired. Since these systems are not required to operate at extremely high temperatures, low pressure heating systems can be used, offering additional safety and simplicity. Fluid freeze protection systems can also be used in applications for which electric heat trace is not a viable option. For example, long runs of pipe and remote locations, and fire water tanks with limited power resources are all situations in which electric trace systems are less than practical, but fluid systems excel. Because these systems may be run for long periods of time, depending on the geographical location of the facility, we always places an emphasis on efficiency to minimize the operating costs of the heating system while still providing the necessary degree of freeze protection.