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Why Sigma Thermal?

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At Sigma Thermal our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from the competition. Each step of a client’s project, from inception to installation, is managed by a qualified team of professionals who focus on planning, executing, monitoring and controlling all aspects of the project until completion. Guided by a set […]

Rendering of a Thermal Fluid system

Understanding Thermal Fluids & Thermal Fluid Systems

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Thermal Fluid Management • Advantages of Thermal Oil Heating Systems Types of Thermal Fluid Heaters • Work With Sigma Thermal The demand for process heating and temperature control in the industry continues to increase as manufacturers and industrial facilities grow, expand, and seek to improve their existing operations. These process heating systems must perform consistently, […]

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Introducing Our Flaretec Direct Fired Heaters

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Sigma Thermal recently merged with Flaretec to further improve our ability to provide top-quality heating solutions for industrial applications. Together, we have further strengthened our direct-fired heater experience and product portfolio. We design and manufacture three types of direct-fired heaters: Radiant-convective heaters: A direct-fired heater that uses both radiant and convective heating zones Convection heaters: […]

Select the Right Process Heater for Your Application

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If you have a requirement for heat energy but are not sure what type or size process heating system you need, let our engineers assist you! Our team of professionals can walk you through the decision process and provide guidance that will aid you in selecting the best process heater for your application. Sigma Thermal […]

Boiler MACT Compliance: Annual Testing and Burner Tuning

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The EPA’s Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT), the emission standard for sources of air pollution, sets forth specific guidelines mandating the maximum possible reduction of harmful emissions, taking both cost and feasibility into account. Under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, MACT must not be less than the average emission limitation achieved by controls […]

Sigma Thermal Partners with ElectraTherm for Next Generation Emission Reduction System Plus Power

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Integrated Waste Gas to Power Solution (MARIETTA, GA., – August 29, 2018) – Sigma Thermal is pleased to announce their partnership with ElectraTherm to offer a complete waste gas-to-power packaged solution. The packaged solution is called the Emission Reduction and Power System and is comprised of Sigma Thermal’s process heater and ElectraTherm’s compact and robust organic Rankine […]

Sigma Thermal Purchases a 100 Kilowatt Solar Installation from Renewvia

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MARIETTA, Ga. — In keeping with their company-wide dedication to optimized efficiency and innovative energy savings, Sigma Thermal has installed a 100 kW solar energy array at the company’s facility in Marietta, Ga. This advanced, eco-friendly technology will supplement roughly half of the manufacturer’s electricity needs during peak consumption times, and nearly 100% in lower […]

Flaretec Merges with Sigma Thermal, Inc. to Expand Middle East Operations

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Companies Will Offer Industrial Process Heating Equipment and Services on Global Scale (MARIETTA, GA., May 18, 2018) – Sigma Thermal and Flaretec are excited to announce that the two companies have joined forces, and Flaretec will now be a part of the Sigma Thermal group. “We are excited about the new partnership between Sigma Thermal […]

The Benefits of Automation

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In the past, manufacturing and industrial companies implemented only basic instrumentation to run processes and create products, with primary focus placed on effective measurement and reliable control. During this time, material and energy costs could remain fairly stable throughout all processes, and automation was viewed as a mere prerequisite to operations; its value was tied […]

Employees in hard hats Service Process Heaters in Indonesia

Periodic Plant Operator Training is Important

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Process Heating System Operators Need Routine Training for Safe System Operation. It is a well-known fact that operator error is a major cause behind many plant shutdowns and safety incidents. Plant operators have a direct impact on many aspects of plant operation and performance. Periodic operator training helps to ensure that operators are capable of […]