Edible Oil Deodorizers

Edible oil deodorizing is essential for removing undesired components such as moisture, color, and odor that negatively impact the taste, smell, and appearance of the final product.

Crude forms of edible oils are deodorized via steam distillation to evaporate all odor substances and leave the oil with a stable flavor profile.
Effective deodorization is a complex vacuum steam distillation process that involves using high-pressure steam to heat the oil to a precise temperature for stripping impurities and then cooling it to retain the natural oil characteristics. Closed loop, hermetically sealed, high-pressure steam systems that provide tight control over time and incorporate economizers to recover as much heat as possible from the hot oil ensure process stability and save energy. At Sigma Thermal, we have the expertise to design a robust and reliable high-pressure steam generator for your edible oil refinery line.

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