Automation Solutions

Sigma Thermal Automation offers comprehensive and cost effective solutions to complex industrial challenges.

Our experienced engineers, designers, programmers and fabricators work together to execute all project specifications and requirements.


Burner Management & Combustion Control Systems

Sigma Thermal offers several Burner Management Systems (BMS) and Combustion Control Systems (CCS) to meet a wide range of customer requirements and environmental conditions. These solutions range from low-cost microprocessor based systems to complex Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

BMS and CCS systems are provided for maximum safety and reliability while maintaining a simple and cost effective design. Our systems provide safe and efficient operation of fuel fired process heaters without the need for constant operator attention.

Burner Management System StatusProducts and Services

  • Microprocessor Based BMS Systems
  • Panel Mounted Temperature Controllers
  • PLC Based Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Advanced Combustion Control Systems
  • Efficiency Upgrades & Modifications to Aging Systems
  • Local/Regional Code Compliant Audits & Studies
    PLC Input Output Status
    Benefits and Options

  • Single and Multi-Burner Applications
  • Fail-Safe Technology
  • Increased Safety and Reliability
  • Simplex and Redundant Configurations
  • Enhanced Operator Interface Modules
  • High Availability & Fault Tolerant Design
  • Advanced Diagnostics & Communications
  • Independent Fuel Air Ratio Control (F.A.R.C.)
  • Temperature Compensation

    Combustion Control Upgrades & Retrofits

    Stringent air quality standards have been imposed on industrial manufacturers and facilities to reduce existing emission rates. Combustion Control System upgrades provide cost effective results that satisfy emission requirements. Sigma’s upgrade and retrofit solutions are fairly inexpensive and simple to implement and offer years of cost saving benefits.Process Temperature Control

    • High Turndown Burners & Fuel Trains
    • Fuel Air Ratio Control (F.A.R.C.) Logic
    • Oxygen or Fuel Trim Systems
    • Draft Control »Sequence Control
    • Control System Modifications
    • Engineering Studies
    • Emissions Control Systems

    Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS)

    The Basic Process Control Systems are responsible for maintaining the normal operations of a plant and in many instances is used in the first layer of protection against unsafe conditions. Our BPCS are designed and built to meet industrial challenges with equipment operation and control. These systems address particular performance and economic improvement opportunities such as:

    • Optimizing plant operation to produce good quality products.
    • Providing the first layer of protection against unsafe conditions.
    • Controlling a process within preset operating conditions.
    • Providing operator interface for monitoring & control HMI.
    • Providing alarm/event logging  and trending.
    • Generating production data reports.

    Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

    Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are engineered to perform specific control functions to fail safe or maintain safe operation of a process when unacceptable or dangerous conditions occur. Safety instrumented systems are engineered by Sigma Thermal to reduce risk and achieve a risk based level of safety and performance. These solutions include:

    • Interlock & Process Shutdown  SystemsSystem overview
    • Safety Critical Control Systems
    • Emergency & Safety Shutdown Systems
    • Equipment & Instrumentation  Protection Systems

    Electrical Engineering & Design

    Sigma Automation ProgrammingOur electrical engineering group provides expert analysis, design, fabrication and integration to meet all project requirements. Sigma engineers, designers, programmers and fabricators work together to support the following project activities:

    • Preliminary Engineering & Documentation
    • Drafting & Design
    • PLC & HMI Programming
    • Hardware & Software Specification
    • Network Design & Configuration
    • Alarm/Event Logging and Trending
    • Panel Fabrication and Testing (UL Certified)

    Field Programming Support

    Field service support is offered for new and existing installations. Our technicians provide premium services that include:

    • Firmware Upgrades & System Configuration
    • Process Tuning, Optimization & Validation
    • Network Configuration & Setup
    • Programming & Troubleshooting
    • Commissioning & Training

    Industries Served


    Certifications and Compliance

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified
    US and International Certified Hardware (CE, UL, FM, CSA, ANSI, ATEX, IEC, etc.)
    US and International Compliant System Design (CE, FM, NFPA, and CSA, IEC, ISA,API, SIL)