Sigma Thermal is a leading provider of aftermarket replacement parts. Our specialists can help you locate hard-to-find OEM parts and components for a wide range of process heating systems and biomass energy systems built by Sigma Thermal and a host of other manufacturers. To ensure that your process heater operates at optimal efficiency, we also offer maintenance, retrofits, and upgrade services. No matter what your equipment needs, Sigma Thermal has the knowledge, experience, and industry connections to provide you with accurate, quick, and hassle-free service. 

As your single-source supplier for OEM parts, Sigma Thermal provides the following:

  • List of Critical Parts for Sigma Thermal Systems
  • Technical Support

Process Heating System Parts and Components

Sigma Thermal is a reputable provider of OEM replacement parts for nearly every manufactured process heating system. System parts are available for reorder and replacement for all Sigma Thermal process heating systems and those built by other manufacturers (including those no longer in business).

With extensive industry experience and close relationships with suppliers worldwide, Sigma Thermal can source and supply an extensive range of OEM parts for you. Some of the other parts and components supplied by Sigma Thermal include fuel train components, ignition systems, biomass combustion equipment, insulation, and fabricated components. Order now!

Order and Availability

The parts experts at Sigma Thermal work closely with you to rapidly source the right parts for your process heating system, even hard-to-source parts, so you get the components you need when you need them. Our parts department offers support throughout the lifetime of your process heating system, assisting with parts selection, expedited orders, and delivery of your parts. We offer both domestic and international shipping, so you can be sure that you will receive your parts as quickly as possible, regardless of your location. Contact a team member today

Effortless Reorders and Replacements

You can make reorder and replacement of equipment components easy and cost-effective when you take advantage of our contract free Total Customer Care Program. 

Total Customer Care is a service management program developed to help our customers manage periodic maintenance, analysis, and support of their system, which additionally benefits inventory management and the overall system operation. In this program, our parts and service experts will work with you to create a dedicated maintenance and part replacement schedule specifically designed to fit the needs of your equipment and operation. 


The Total Customer Care Program includes part discounts, technical and engineering support, and system analysis. Contact us for information about the Total Customer Care Program!

Manage Your Parts to Increase Uptime

At Sigma Thermal, we understand the value of managing your process heating system to guarantee reliable and efficient operation. The best way to achieve this is to keep your equipment in good operating condition, replacing worn and broken components without delay. Our team can help you to ensure optimal equipment performance and increased uptime by recommending the vital parts and components you should have readily stocked.

spare parts management

Through regular maintenance and proactive parts management, you improve your process heating system’s overall efficiency and reduce the potential for additional equipment damage.  What’s more, you can increase system uptime and cost savings. 

parts-products-valve-controllers-burners-blowers-actuatorsAftermarket Services at Sigma Thermal

Whether your system requires routine maintenance, OEM parts replacement, or upgrades, we provide all the aftermarket parts and services you need to sustain your process heating system throughout its lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about our aftermarket parts and services, or request a quote to start your order.