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When it comes to the heating and circulation of air in turbine systems, heating systems provide equipment longevity, efficiency, and highly controlled temperatures. Sigma Thermal’s products and services provide the best heating of air and fuel gas conditioning systems for the aerospace industry.


Edible oil deodorizers, for example, keep food color, smell, taste, and texture at its best, while steam superheating helps modern farmers get maximum efficiency and energy usage out of their equipment, ensuring that the steam flow through a turbine or engine remains a compressible gas.

Asphalt & Roofing

Industry solutions entail efficient and highly effective heat, circulation and turbine systems at controlled temperatures and provide fuel gas conditioning to help keep gas flow free of impurities.


From the proper heating of molded and extruded automotive components to the steam superheating that keeps engine gas compressible, heating services make it all run smoothly.

Chemical / Petrochemical

Tank & suction heating, ammonia heating, steam superheating, and plant utility heating are some of the methods that are essential for freeze protection and proper temperature maintenance.

Production & Processing

For the crude oil production & processing industries, the best, most efficient heating systems and services are an absolute necessity. There are many Sigma Thermal products and services serving all of the unique heating needs of this industry.

Custom Applications

Sigma Thermal’s engineers are true experts with a long history of designing heating systems specific to any application or need. We serve a wide range of industries.

Food and Beverage

Many areas and applications within the food & beverage industry rely heavily on heating systems and services. For instance, tank & suction heating provides proper freeze protection and fluid temperature maintenance, while the right heating systems are critical to overall plant utility heating.


Gas processing companies rely on the efficient cleaning properties of fuel gas conditioning, the temperature maintenance technologies of regeneration gas heating, and the crucial removal of acid gases by amine & glycol reboilers.

General Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing is as innovative and technologically-advanced as ever; it’s also at its most competitive. Proper heating systems and services ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while keeping quality up and downtime at a minimum.

Mining & Minerals

In the mining & minerals industry, heating systems are a large and important part of many areas of production. For example, suction heaters keep storage tanks and vessels at constant temperature while protecting materials within and saving substantial energy costs.

Power Generation

Fuel gas conditioning, for instance, is a necessary optimization process for the removal of damaging impurities from the gas stream, which will reduce efficiency and lead to premature downtime, and even loss of compliance if left unchecked.

Pulp & Paper

Dryers and kilns for biomass drying must be heated in the safest, most reliable means, while all facilities make use of tank & suction heating, plant utility heating, and indirect steam generators.


Efficient, quality heating services play a critical role in the textile industry. All heating processes are important, whether steam superheating, plant utility heating, tank & suction heating, or jacketed reactor heating & cooling.

Waste & Wastewater

Whether it’s steam superheating, tank & suction heating, or total plant utility heating, these processes ensure consistency, freeze protection, reduced energy costs, and efficient heat transfer.

Wood Products

Air heating keeps equipment and turbines operating effectively, while calendar rolls and dryers & kilns rely on best heating practices for both quality and safety.

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