Aftermarket Services

At Sigma Thermal, our commitment to providing high quality industrial process heating systems and services drives us to support our customers from conception to completion and beyond. Even after we’ve delivered a complete system, we are dedicated to providing you with related aftermarket services that will help you meet your operational and maintenance needs.

Efficient, Reliable, and Safe System Operation

Our maintenance, retrofit/upgrade, and OEM replacement part services are available to ensure your process heating equipment continues to run reliably and safely. Sigma’s aftermarket services were created to address all of the preventative and corrective actions associated with increasing the productivity and extending the service life of your process heating system, which can create time and cost savings.

Operating and maintaining process heating equipment can be challenging even for the most experienced facility managers. Whether you need maintenance service, technical support, training, replacement parts, upgrades, or retrofits, you can depend on our team of experts to help you meet your aftermarket needs.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services can help guarantee your process heating system performs as intended year in and year out. Services include:

  • Scheduled Maintenance. Scheduled system audits are performed by a qualified Sigma Thermal technician.
  • System Analysis. Process heater system analysis can verify that equipment is working efficiently and can aid in identifying potential areas of concern.
  • Technical Support and Training. Qualified Sigma Thermal technicians offer direct technical support and on-site training.
  • System Energy Audits. Sigma Thermal offers energy efficiency audits for existing systems.

Retrofit/Upgrade Services

In the industrial sector, energy efficiency is critical. Companies across a wide range of industries are constantly looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of their systems so they can decrease their operational costs.

Retrofits services are available to help optimize your heater or system performance. We can retrofit industrial process heating systems to repair damages and modernize equipment. Key retrofit/upgrade benefits include:

  • Extend the life of Process Heating Equipment/Systems
  • Increase Equipment Reliability
  • Increase Plant and Personnel Safety
  • Meet Required Standards and Code Compliance
  • Increase Asset Value

OEM Replacement Parts

An extensive inventory of parts from a variety of manufacturers are available for quick order, shipping and delivery. Sigma parts specialists can assist with part selection and locating hard-to-source parts for your heating system.

Inventory is updated continually to account for discontinued or modified components.

Partner With the Process Heating Experts at Sigma Thermal

Looking for a partner you can trust for all of your process heating system needs? Turn to the experts at Sigma Thermal! We offer a broad selection of aftermarket services to support customers even after we’ve delivered their equipment. To learn more about our capabilities, contact us today. For pricing details, request a quote.

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