Efficient, quality heating services play a critical role in the textile industry.

Heat is an integral part of many textile processes. Typically, process heating systems, like those sold by Sigma Thermal, are used in conjunction with the calendar rolls, presses, and extruders associated with the manufacturing process. In particular, in processes that use extruders, there are many molded and extruded parts, for which precise temperature control is very necessary. Accurate temperature control is also needed for critical heating control and safety of dryers that are used.

Indirect steam generators play an important role in the overall even heating of much of the plant equipment, while the calendar rolls, and exceptionally important part of the textile industry, are kept to the highest standards through technologically-advanced, innovative heating solutions.

No matter what the process or product, Sigma Thermal provides the heating services necessary to the textile industry.

All heating processes are important, whether steam superheating, plant utility heating, tank & suction heating or jacketed reactor heating & cooling.