Waste to Power

NextGen Emissions Reduction System + Power

Waste to Energy Conversion System by Sigma Thermal & ElectraTherm

To convert heat to energy into usable electricity, Sigma Thermal can offer and integrated package containing an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generator, helical coil heater, condenser, and evaporator. The waste fuel is captured by an industrial process and used for power conservation. We call it the NextGen Emissions Reduction System + Power, and when it is utilized, gas and oil production, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, farms, and other waste fuel-producing facilities can greatly reduce emissions while minimizing or eliminating flaring.

This total waste to power packaged solution converts waste gas to heat energy for the on-site generation of power that can be used to offset expensive on-site energy costs or provide a backup energy source. The system only requires gas and electrical interface to the skid edge, with multiple burner options available to meet strict emissions requirements.Waste to Energy Conversion System by Sigma Thermal & ElectraTherm

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Oil & Gas Processing Facilities

Flare Reduction or Elimination

Oil and gas production facilities generate waste gas which is typically managed with flaring. With the NextGen Emission Reduction System + Power, the waste gas or waste fuel can be converted into power on-site.

This waste gas to power system can help with flare gas reduction or can potentially eliminate flaring while drastically lowering emissions.

Wastewater Treatment Plants &
Landfill Facilities

Management of Biogas (H2S , siloxanes, etc)

In wastewater treatment plants and landfills that produce biogas, the Organic Rankine Cycle generator is a preferred choice over conventional generators for biogas reduction. The packaged waste gas to power solution that Sigma offers contains an ORC generator combined with a fired helical coil heater for easier processing of gases containing hydrogen sulfide and siloxane contaminants.

Our compact solution which converts waste to energy is the perfect solution for landfill gas elimination or biogas reduction applications.

Benefits for Both Applications

The NextGen Emission Reduction System + Power delivers notable benefits for oil and gas facilities as well as wastewater treatment plants.

  • Limits the environmental impact of operations by, working in the facility’s favor toward meeting state and federal air quality standards both current and future, while also providing a reliable renewable energy source from the utilization of waste heat.
  • Minimizes (and in some cases eliminates) flaring, delivering environmental benefits while improving operational efficiency.
  • Facilitates on-site electrical generation, offsetting grid or utility power consumption to lower costs and reduce threats of operational shutdown in the event of a utility power failure.

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The NextGen Emission Reduction System + Power Organic Rankine Cycle generator gives facilities the ability to put waste heat or waste fuels to work, generating new power for operational needs and offering a significant return on investment for any application. Learn more about our integrated waste to power solution and the advantages it can bring your operation. Contact Sigma Thermal today.