Tank & Suction Heating

Heating storage tanks and process vessels is a common industrial practice, and essential for freeze protection and maintaining fluid temperatures.

Tank heating systems are key components for flow control, viscosity consistency, and protecting against frozen and broken pipelines. For caustic soda storage silo applications, Sigma Thermal heating systems eliminate crystalline precipitation and condensation. Energy efficiency and accurate thermal control are vital for maintaining process and material integrity, and Sigma Thermal manufactures heating products in multiple configurations for tank heating applications.

Suction heaters, designed specifically to heat material only as it is withdrawn, save substantial energy costs since overall heating requirements are considerably reduced. Sigma Thermal immersion heaters operate at near 100% efficiency while energy oil and water-glycol thermal fluid systems obtain high efficiency, especially at elevated temperatures for extended periods. Thermal fluid systems can be utilized in conjunction with immersion heat exchangers to provide a plant-wide tank heating solution.  With decades of experience, Sigma Thermal engineers can guide you through the process of determining the optimal and most cost-effective system for your individual application.