Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas conditioning is a critical optimization process for the removal of damaging impurities from gas streams.

Unchecked contaminants such as particulate matter, water, heavy hydrocarbons, condensed gas, hydrogen sulfide, or siloxanes can reduce efficiency, lead to unplanned outages, or cause systems to fall out of compliance.

Many fuel gas conditioning processes require heat energy to function properly, and Sigma Thermal manufactures a number of products specifically for these applications.  Some common examples include dew point (Joule-Thompson) heating, performance heating, and regeneration gas heating.  There are typically a number of heating systems that can be used for these applications, and each one of those system types has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.  Sigma Thermal’s application engineers can help you decide which type of heating system is right for your fuel gas conditioning process and your specific facility.