Pre-Engineered SHOTS Electric Process Heaters

pre-engineered rendering of an Electric Thermal Fluid HeaterThermal Fluid Heating Systems

Sigma Hot Oil Transfer System (SHOTS) are electrically powered thermal fluid heating systems. SHOTS incorporate an electric circulation heater with a low watt density immersion bundle and fluid circulation pump to create a simple, robust, and reliable system. This system uses electricity to heat your thermal fluid instead of natural gas, fuel oil, or biomass fuel sources. We also offer custom designs to meet specific requirements.

To view all heater models, technical specifications, and standard dimensions download our pre-engineered SHOTS Electric brochure.


Pre-engineered Design Features

  • Capacities from 30kW to 800kW
  • Low voltage (up to 600V)
  • Liquid phase service to 600F
  • NFPA 87 safety adherence
  • Compliance: General Area and Class 1 Div. 2, Class 1 Div. 1
  • Skid-mounted, assembled, wired, and tested
  • Available options for ATEX and CSA Compliance


  • Circulation heater
  • Primary circulation pump
  • Expansion tank (shipped loose or mounted with tank tower)
  •  Isolation valves
  • Integrated control system with safety interlocks and modulating controls
  • Heater pressure safety valve
If you already understand your needs, you can submit an RFQ here. If you have questions, contact an application engineer today.