Process Heating for the Power Generation Industry

Power-Generation1Sigma Thermal is a leader in the industrial process heating arena. We serve multiple industries with design and engineering capabilities, producing reliable process heating solutions that deliver thermal energy efficiently, and cost-effectively. To meet their process demands, our clients trust that our services and engineering teams will help them select the right process heating system; thermal fluid heaters, direct fired process heaters, electric process heaters, indirect process bath heaters, and biomass fired energy systems. We also provide system automation, retrofits, upgrades, maintenance support, and steady supply system parts. Learn more about how we serve the power generation industry.

Products and Services for the Power Generation Industry

While we manufacture and design process heating systems for use across multiple industries, we also create solutions specifically for power generation facilities. Our products and services include:

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas conditioning is a complex process that requires the application of heat. Various process heating equipment can be utilized for different types of fuel gas conditioning applications. For proper gas processing/cleaning you want to select the heating system that is most beneficial for the process. At Sigma Thermal, we design and manufacture process heating systems that can be utilized for a wide range of options, including:

  • Dew point (Joule-Thompson) heating
  • Performance heating
  • Regeneration gas heating

Your process may function best with one process heating system over another. Contact our team of engineers to help select the best heating system to power your fuel gas conditioning application.

Process Air Heating

All large facilities require a reliable air distribution system that can deliver heat to individual process systems. This includes delivery to single-user systems, larger applications, and facility-wide heat demands. Sigma Thermal can assess your facility’s needs and develop a unique heat delivery solution for your operation’s current and forecasted needs.

For example, Steam Assisted Gravity Drain (SAGD) facilities extract bitumen from subsurface oil sand deposits through steam-based extraction methods. These types of facilities are best served by a water-glycol system that can direct heated air to multiple high-performance systems at once, such as dew point heaters and once-through steam generators (OSTG).

Plant Utility Heating

We provide both direct fired and indirect fired heating systems. Choosing the right option for your facility’s process requirements is crucial. Direct heating is the direct application of heat through a tube wall to the process media. Indirect heating, on the other hand, uses heated media to transfer heat to a distribution system, providing the required energy without allowing direct contact to the combusting material. Both options have notable advantages, and our engineers can help you select the right option for your facility.

Indirect Steam Generators

Steam is commonly utilized as both a propelling force for turbines and a driving force to maintain the flow of liquid and gas streams. Various types of heat transfer equipment such as process fluid heat exchangers, dew point heaters, reboilers, and combustion air preheaters often rely on steam as the primary heating medium.

The Role of Process Heaters in the Power Generation Industry

Process heaters are critical in virtually every stage of generating power. Three common use cases for these heaters in this industry are:


Electric circulation heaters are used to preheat lubricants for smoother performance. They can also be used to preheat fuel oils; taking this step results in more efficient combustion, leading to better energy release, atomization, and fluid lifespan, in turn providing fuel cost savings.

Superheating Steam

Superheated steam is the ideal option for most power generation turbine systems. Heating steam to the superheated point is simple, fast, and efficient. Superheated steam can lead to more controllable pressure levels and more efficient operations, as the superheating process won’t draw on latent energy. It also ensures steam won’t cool and condense on the turbine blades or internal components as water droplets.

Heating Natural Gas Above the Dew Point

Natural gas is full of contaminants and water throughout various processing stages. If those contaminants condense back into a liquid state, they can corrode or damage the turbine. But if the natural gas stays heated above the dew point, it’s much easier to control or completely remove those contaminants. This protects the longevity of the processing equipment and reduces the need for costly repairs.

Benefits of Electric Heaters for Power Generation Facilities

At Sigma Thermal, we are committed to creating energy-efficient, reliable solutions for each of our clients. The electric heating solutions we design and engineer offer these key benefits to power generation facilities.

  • Efficiency: Electric-based heating is highly energy efficient. It’s also fast-acting, consistently and evenly delivering heat to get systems up to a specific temperature.
  • Accuracy: Electric heaters offer heat transfer that is predictable and controllable. This is ideal for industrial power generators that must operate within strict heat parameters for high-heat dew point heating or superheating steam. Power generation facilities can rely on electric heaters (with thermocouples and digital controls) for complete control over heating temperatures, accurate readings, and granular applications of heat.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Electricity can be a cost effective alternative to natural gas.

Turn to Sigma Thermal for High-Performance Electric Heaters

Sigma Thermal is an ISO 9001:2015-certified organization, and we continually develop high-quality, innovative industrial heating solutions. Contact us today to learn more about Sigma Thermal’s process heating systems for your power generation facility. Connect with us at (855) 989-8937 or by reaching us online. You can also request a quote to start your order too.