Indirect Steam Generators

Steam is the most widely recognized heat energy transfer mechanism and is capable of providing rapid and even heating for many large scale industrial applications.

Steam is regularly used as a driving force in turbines and as a motive force to keep liquid and gas streams flowing. Process fluid heat exchangers, dew point heaters, reboilers, combustion air preheaters and many other types of heat transfer equipment frequently use steam as the heating medium.

Sigma Thermal offers a unique option for steam generation that utilizes high temperature hot oil and a heat exchanger to generate steam indirectly.  In facilities that have several high temperature users and plan to utilize a hot oil system in addition to steam, this type of configuration can eliminate the need to purchase a separate fuel fired boilers.  It can also be advantageous in many areas may not require licensed staff for operation due to the indirect nature of the generation. With all the technologies available, consulting with our process heating experts ensures you get a custom engineered solution that integrates fully into your plant environment.