Seal Gas Heating

In centrifugal compressors, a dry gas seal is used to prevent leakage of the process gas into the environment.

Typical dry gas seals have a tandem configuration, providing a back-up seal should the primary seal fail. These seals operate at high pressures using a high purity seal gas. The high pressure gas injected into the seal must be heated to prevent condensation from entering the seal as well as to ensure that the gas does not condense once it has entered the seal. If the gas condenses, the pressure in the seal will be lost and process gas can escape.

Sigma Thermal produces precision high pressure heaters, which average 10 kw to 30 kw, for seal gas applications. Heaters are typically constructed of stainless steel and designed to provide the high quality dry gas required for operation of this type of seal. With industry leading experience and engineering knowledge, we offer both stock and custom designed industrial heating products that are used in a variety of demanding applications.