Jacketed Reactor Heating & Cooling

In reactors, heating and cooling jackets are used to remove heat from exothermic reactions or provide the needed heat required to produce the desired endothermic reactions.

Steam jackets that operate at high pressures can pose safety issues, especially when hazardous chemicals are being used within the reactor. In contrast, thermal fluid systems can provide constant processing temperatures up to 800°F and operate at lower pressures, negating the need for ASME pressure vessel certification in many instances. In addition, thermal fluid systems are simple to maintain and do not pose the scale formation or corrosion risks associated with pressurized steam systems.

Depending on the specified operating temperature, thermal oil or water/glycol mixtures are generally used for the heating and cooling of jacketed reactors. At Sigma Thermal, we produce a range of thermal fluid heating systems suited for reactor heating and cooling applications. If additional customization is desired, our engineers can develop custom designs based on any set of operating parameters