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5 Industrial Applications for Direct Fired Heaters (API 560 & Non API)

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Direct fired heaters use one of three possible methods for heat transfer: Radiant-convective heat Radiant heat Convection heat Radiant–convective style direct fired heaters are a popular style of heater and are used more often than not. These heaters utilize a bare tube radiant zone in combination with a bare / finned convection section. The most […]

The Advantages of Using Molten Salts for Process Heating

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Molten salts, also known as salt melts, comprise a variety of products that are used across many applications. Some applications that rely on molten salts include steel heat treating and annealing, high-temperature process heating, and thermal storage for solar thermal power plants. Depending on the needs of a specific application, different salts are available to […]

Glycol Heaters

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Certain types of heating systems, such as closed-looped thermal fluid heating systems, can use glycol to maintain heat transfer fluid to the desired temperature. While water is an ideal heat transfer medium for a certain range of temperatures, pure water has drawbacks. It can freeze below 32° F and it can corrode the internals of […]

Teamwork Can Make or Break Your Project

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Industrial capital equipment projects can be complicated and expensive undertakings. Often many suppliers are working together with consultants and contractors to deliver a successful project to the customer. Each of these suppliers and consultants typically bring their own project team to the table. Whether they are aware of it or not, the conglomeration of companies […]

The Benefits of Retrofitting Process Heating Systems

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At Sigma Thermal, we offer a wide range of industrial retrofit and upgrade services for process heating systems. Without proper planning and execution, the retrofitting process can be a frustrating one for many companies. Conducting a retrofit project without the proper knowledge and experience may result in poor functionality, damage to the system, or extended […]

Sigma Thermal’s Glycol Heater Used in Potash Mining

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As the potash mining industry continues to grow and change, Sigma Thermal will keep offering innovative solutions with ongoing system design improvements. In this spirit of continuous improvement, we frequently work closely with a global network of industry leaders to develop creative solutions to industry challenges. Inproheat Industries, one of our Canadian partners, successfully applied […]

COVID-19 Impact and Resulting Sigma Thermal Action

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March 17, 2020 Dear valued customers: First and foremost, we want to thank you for your business. In an unprecedented situation like what we are facing today with COVID-19, we are forced to take a step back from normal business and recognize what is truly important. For Sigma Thermal that is the health, safety, and […]

Understanding Electric Process Heaters

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Electric process heaters use electricity to increase the temperature of liquids and gases within process systems. Depending on the application, electric process heaters may be used for both direct and indirect heating, which makes them a particularly versatile heating option. To help you find the best electric heater for your needs, we have compiled a […]

Fuel Gas Conditioning for Combustion Turbines

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The performance and longevity of an industrial or aeroderivative turbine rely heavily on the quality of the liquid or gaseous fuel employed. Inferior fuel can affect the turbine’s reliability, structural integrity, and ability to comply with local, state, and federal emission standards. With these considerations in mind, ensuring fuel gas is properly treated to remove […]