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Combustion Control System Upgrades to Meet Air Quality Standards & Save Money

Stringent air quality standards have been imposed on the installation of new fossil-fuel burning equipment, as well as with measures imposed on industrial manufacturers and facilities to reduce existing emission rates. These trends suggest that there is an obligation on management to intensify efforts to reduce energy-related expenses as well as potentially hazardous emissions from fossil fuel burning equipment.

Unfortunately, owners and managers are left to face new and challenging requirements while dealing with the escalation in fuel prices and the dramatic increases in raw steel cost. Combustion Control System upgrades can answer many of those challenges in a cost effect way. Automation solutions such as the following are fairly inexpensive and simple to implement and will have years of cost saving benefits.

High Turndown Burners & Fuel Trains

  • Fuel Air Ratio Control (F.A.R.C.) LogicOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Oxygen or Fuel Trim Systems
  • Draft Control
  • Sequence Control
  • Control System Modifications
  • Engineering Studies
  • Emissions Control Systems


The overall system efficiency can also play a large role in high operating cost and poor burner operation. These losses can be associated with inefficiencies of equipment, poor process control logic, or simple tuning and configuration. Some of these challenges include:

  • Heater Cycling to Often
  • Burner Loading Following Effectiveness
  • Draft and Other Losses Such as Pipe Heat Losses, etc.
  • Burner Performance and Repeatability-Turndown
  • Burner Inability to Mix Air and Fuel Efficiently

Sigma Thermal can offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions to these complex industrial challenges. Our experienced Automation & Electrical Engineers have executed hundreds of successful project that address these very issues. As system begin to age and the cost of maintaining those system increases, the need for creative and cost-effective solutions become more and more necessary.

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