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Having a single source of supply for all your heating system components will save you significant time and money.

Sigma Thermal is an OEM parts supplier for a broad range of specialty components:

  • Large inventory reduces delivery time
  • Continuously updated components and a tracking list of discontinued, modified, or crossover items guarantees your equipment to be current with the industry
  • Reference drawings, parts lists, manuals, and process diagrams for your Sigma Thermal system ensure correct replacement parts
  • Domestic and international shipping and packing capabilities
  • Capability to supply spare parts for systems built by other manufacturers, including those no longer in business
  • Knowledgeable engineering staff available to support customers at all times

Customer Service

We know you can buy your parts from other suppliers, which is why our Parts and Service groups are designed to treat you like the important customer that you are, day in and day out. Our dedication to quality service continues long after you receive your Sigma Thermal System.