Process Heater for Indirect Heating Applications

A process bath heater allows a user to indirectly heat process liquids and gases by submersing a process coil into a heated bath solution. It is a simple and safe method for indirectly heating various process mediums.

Sigma Thermal designs and manufactures three different types of process bath heaters:

  • Water Bath Heaters
  • Salt Bath Heaters
  • Weir Bath Heaters

The Water Bath Process Heater

It works by submerging a fire tube style burner into the bottom of the process heater vessel. It can normally be heated up to around 250F. A water-glycol mixture is the most common solutions for most low temperature heating applications.

The Salt Bath Process Heater

These can be operated safely for extended periods at much higher temperatures than the water bath type process heaters. But the physical operation is exactly like the water bath process heater.

Weir Bath Process Heater

The Weir Bath process heater is a slight variation of the water bath heater. The main difference is that a Weir Bath heater doesn’t utilize a process coil. The bath vessel contains a fire-tube and a weir at the end of the fire-tube. The process fluid comes in direct contact with the fire-tube as it is heated. The fluid then falls over the weir where the return line sends it back to the process user.

Process Bath Heater Design Advantages:

  •  Choice of a standard or engineered burner configuration
  •  Fuel source flexibility
  •  Completely automated control systems are available
  •  Wide variety of coil configurations

Control Systems Designed Specifically to Your Needs

Complete control systems are engineered to optimize system safety and performance. Sigma thermal can supply simple and cost effective standard panels, as well as full process automation and PLC based combustion control for your process heater system.

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