Biomass Fired Furnace

Sigma Thermal is an industry leader in providing modern biomass fired furnace systems, backed by decades of energy experience. Our expert engineering teams provide logistics, maintenance, custom manufacturing, trouble shooting and all related energy systems equipment for some of the top industrial contractors in the world.

What products does Sigma Thermal manufacture dealing with biomass fired furnaces?

  • Combustion systems
  • Hot gas generators
  • Thermal fluid heaters
  • Dust collectors
  • Ash handling systems
  • Fuel handling systems
  • Related biomass fired furnace equipment

Sigma also supplies steam and thermal oil systems that use our biomass fired furnaces. Let our engineers take a look at the biomass you have available and design a system to transfer that energy into usable steam or thermal oil for your process. Send us an RFQ to get started.

The best biomass fired furnace available

The Sigma Thermal reciprocating grate furnace is the most effective design for complete combustion of waste materials with low heating value, high moisture content, and high ash content.

The Sigma Thermal system packages are designed to meet all expectations you have for your biomass fired furnace systems including:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Automation
  • Installation supervision
  • Parts
  • Equipment service

Complete automated control systems are available from Sigma Thermal

Master control panels for biomass fired furnace systems are complex due to the integration of fuel handling, combustion control, and ash removal.  It is imperative that all of these systems work in harmony together and are designed in such a way that gives operators maximum control while maintaining safe operation.  Sigma Thermal can offer complete control systems and/or integration support for all aspects biomass fired energy systems.  Talk with our automation group to see how we can help you install a safe and effective control system by calling 770-427-5770.