Gas Fired Heater

All Sigma Thermal system packages are designed to meet all expectations for your gas fired heater including fabricating to exacting specifications, special duty designs, customized automation controls, onsite training, parts and maintenance, and more. Our expert teams have helped hundreds of companies, and they can help you. Contact the Sigma Thermal home office at 770-427-5770 and they will help you find a representative in your area.

Sigma Thermal offers all types of radiant–convective gas fired heater designs including API 560 compliant systems.

Sigma Thermal is an industry leader in providing modern gas fired heater systems, backed by decades of energy experience. Our expert engineering teams provide consulting for some of the top industrial contractors in the world. Find out more about what types of system packages we offer here.

What are the typical applications Sigma gas fired heaters are used for?

  • In Line Liquid Heating
  • In Line Gas Heating
  • Thermal Oil Heating
  • Natural Gas Heating
  • Regeneration Gas Heating
  • Other Direct Process Heating
  • Crude oil heating

Gas fired heaters that perform

Sigma Thermal’s convection style gas fired heater utilizes a separate combustion chamber and flue gas recirculation to reduce combustion chamber temperatures to 1,400F, thereby minimizing the impact of radiant heat transfer to the process coil.

Acquire a higher level of energy efficiency the easy way

Getting a new gas fired heater can be confusing for new customers. Don’t let just anyone devise a plan for your energy needs. You need someone to design it specifically for your business. We can custom build, commission it and pre-test it. Our engineers have years of experience in troubleshooting all types of gas fired heater installations. Let us provide you with our expertise at a cost you can afford. Contact our home office through this form, and we can help you find representatives in your area, or call our main office directly at 770-427-5770.