Hot Oil Heater

Sigma Thermal is an industry leader, providing modern hot oil heater systems, backed by decades of energy experience. Our expert engineering teams provide system design, custom manufacturing, troubleshooting and all related energy system controls for industrial clients worldwide.

We offer systems packages designed to meet the expectations that you have for your new or replacement heating system including:

  • Process & Mechanical Design
  • Automation
  • Installation troubleshooting
  • Parts
  • Custom Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Spend less money and get more efficiency from hot oil heaters

One of the real advantages of utilizing a Sigma Thermal hot oil heater is their high efficiency. When paired with waste heat recovery systems, it can greatly reduce your operating costs. The thermal efficiencies of our heaters are can be over 92%, depending upon fluid outlet temperature, the fuel you choose, and use of economizers when necessary.

Purchasing a new hot oil heater (that utilizes thermal fluid) can be a daunting task due to the many options that are available, and differentiating between equipment options is not a straight forward process. You need an experienced team to design, build, pre-test, commission, and provide you with maintenance support for your new heater. You’ll also need availability of parts for the coming years.    The team at Sigma Thermal can provide all of that and more at an affordable cost.

Hot oil heaters to meet your specifications

Sigma Thermal hot oil heater packages are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Ask us which configuration would be best for your particular application. Contact us with an RFQ to get specifics on standard thermal output ranges and other details.

Don’t forget – Sigma offers complete automation packages

Sigma Thermal offers complete control systems engineering, integration and programming for a wide range of industries. This includes the oil & gas industry, water & waste water industry, and process heating industry. Our engineers provide cost effect and innovative solutions to complex manufacturing control issues for hot oil heater and other process heating system designs.