Glycol Reboiler

How does our thermal fluid heater system work as a glycol reboiler?

A thermal fluid system is used to heat a closed loop heat transfer medium that is circulated to a reboiler style shell and tube heat exchanger.

Sigma’s closed loop liquid phase hot water or glycol solution systems are an excellent choice for this type of indirect process heating.  By using the steady temperature of an indirect thermal oil system you minimize the degradation of your glycol solution.  Thermal oil systems are also more efficient than traditional direct fired glycol reboilers.

Glycol reboilers that meet your needs

HCI thermal fluid heaters and process heaters are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Several models are available in each configuration. Contact our home office to find out more details about thermal output ranges. Our team of engineers can customize our designs to meet your specific needs. Learn about our thermal fluid heater systems here.

Efficient heating systems for various industries

Types of industries that make use of the thermal oil heating systems available from Sigma Thermal:

  • Gas Processing and Transmission
  • Crude Oil Extraction, Transmission, and Processing
  • Food processing plants
  • Rubber and plastics processing
  • Rigid packing companies
  • Publishing and print industries
  • Timber processing plants
  • Metal fabrication and finishing services
  • Paper production companies
  • Textile processing facilities
  • Automobile manufacturing plants …and many more

Find all your industrial heating system parts in stock

We have a complete inventory of heating system parts and components for Sigma Thermal heating systems and for similar systems that we did not design and build.  Use this form to ask qualified representative specifics about your requirement.  We are ready to serve you!