Hot Oil Boiler

How do the hot oil boiler designs from Sigma Thermal work? Typically, water works as a heat carrier for industrial heating systems. At higher temperatures, water requires high operating pressures which may not always be desirable from an installation or safety standpoint. When considering industrial heating systems, high-temperature levels are often a great advantage when high-temperature process output is the required result.

In hot oil boiler designs, synthetic and oil-based thermal fluids are used as the heat carrier instead. This oil operates at nearly atmospheric pressures that reach up to 300C. Yet it will work just as any other heating fluid as it is cooled and heated while passing through the system.

Sigma Thermal hot oil boiler designs (with superior technology) are proven with years of use in the field. We offer 2 hot oil boiler models (the HC-1 and HC-2) that you can learn more about here, or call our home office at 770-427-5770 and speak with a representative that serves your surrounding area.

What are some of the applications best suited to Sigma Hot Oil Boiler Systems?

  • Natural gas heating
  • Jacketed vessel heating
  • Indirect steam generators
  • In line liquid heating
  • In line gas heating
  • Heated molds or dies
  • Crude oil heating
  • Calendar roll heating
  • Building heaters
  • Autoclaves … and much more!

Sigma Thermal are leaders in industrial heating

People recognize us as leaders in the heating industry because we are able to troubleshoot all types of industrial hot oil boiler systems. We didn’t get this way by treating every job just as the last. We give every project our best by treating it as an important step-by-step process. Our consulting agents listen and understand how to blend your demands with the right equipment into efficient application designs. Contact us now with any specific questions.