HC-2 Thermal Fluid Heaters

Rendering-HC2-Vert-Section-Overlay-x600 The HC2 can be designed in various configurations to fit your process. Heater Configuration options include vertical up-fired, vertical down-fired, and horizontal. Sigma Thermal also offers HC-1 thermal fluid heaters, as well as options for electric process circulation heaters.

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Design Features

Classification The HC2 can be designed to meet all area classifications and to endure harsh environments.
Capacities Net output capacities are available from 500,000 to 75MM Btu/hr.
Advanced Control Systems Complete control systems are engineered to optimize system safety and performance. Sigma thermal can supply simple and cost effective standard panels, as well as full process automation and PLC based combustion control / BMS.
Double Helical Coil Design This design allows for three passes of flue gas along conservatively designed coil surface area.
Efficiencies Base efficiencies can exceed 88% (LHV Basis) depending on process inlet temperatures, and with an optional economizer can exceed 93% (LHV basis).
Minimal Maintenance Flue gasses are significantly cooled therefore eliminating the need for most internal shell insulation. This minimizes long term insulation maintenance and / or replacement.
Insulation The heater shell is externally insulated with mineral wool insulation and covered with aluminum cladding.
Fuel Source and Burner Flexibility Standard or engineered burner configurations are available for use with both traditional and alternative fuel sources. Low emissions burners can be supplied to meet all emission requirements (e.g., Low NOx, Best Available Control Technology).

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