HC-2 Thermal Fluid Heaters

The HC2 thermal fluid heater is available in standard sizes from 1 to 100 MM Btu/hr. Configuration options include vertical up-fired, vertical down-fired, and horizontal. Custom heater designs are also available to meet a wide variety of project-specific design challenges. Sigma Thermal also offers HC-1 thermal fluid heaters, biomass-fired thermal fluid heaters as well as options for electric process circulation heaters.

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Design Features

  • Designed to meet all area classifications and to endure harsh environments, including offshore, arctic, and deserts
  • Capacities from 1MM to 100MM Btu/hr – custom sizes also available
  • Advanced control system options – Sigma Automation
  • Double helical coil design for three passes of flue gas along conservatively designed coil surface area
  • Base efficiencies can exceed 88% (LHV Basis) depending on process inlet temperatures, and with an optional economizer can exceed 93% (LHV basis)
  • Flue gasses are significantly cooled, eliminating the need for most internal shell insulation
  • Heater shell is externally insulated with mineral wool insulation and covered with aluminum cladding
  • Standard or engineered burner configurations for use with both traditional and alternative fuel sources
  • Low emissions burners available to meet all emission requirements


gas processing heater

HC2 Thermal Fluid Heater-Jacketed vessels

hc 2 thermal fluid heaters