Exciting News for GTS Energy and Newpoint Thermal Customers

As you are a customer and/or operator of GTS Energy or Newpoint Thermal process heating equipment we wanted to share some exciting news. The GTS Energy and Newpoint Thermal heater brands are now part of Sigma Thermal. GTS Energy has been a leading provider of Process Heating Equipment for global industrial applications for 30 years, with three of those years under the banner of Newpoint Thermal. We are proud to make this product portfolio part of the Sigma Thermal family of products, and we are excited to welcome you to Sigma Thermal.

Sigma Thermal is committed to providing the very best process heating products and first-class aftermarket support for those products. We have a very knowledgeable applications engineering group to support your new plant or expansion projects, and an experienced and helpful aftermarket services group dedicated to supporting your installed equipment. If you have GTS or Newpoint Thermal equipment already installed, we can fully support your installations.

Sigma Thermal offers the following products and services:

  • New indirect & direct fired heaters, electric heaters, and biomass fired energy systems
  • Heater & heating system annual service & other periodic maintenance
  • System commissioning services
  • Spare parts
  • Repairs and replacements for damaged equipment
  • Retrofits and upgrades to existing systems
  • Full Automation services for Systems Integration, Burner Management Systems, and Combustion Control

Please let us know if we can help you in any way with new products or aftermarket support. You can find us at www.sigmathermal.com or at (770) 427-5770.

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