Hot Oil System

Sigma Thermal’s hot oil systems are closed-loop thermal fluid heat transfer systems. Our efficient and robust designs utilize either one or two helical coils. Thermal fluid flows through the helical coils, gaining radiant and convective heat from combusted fuels. Hot thermal oil then transfers heat to end users such as tanks, presses, dryers, reactors, chillers, extruders, steam generators, or other equipment. The heaters’ two-pass and three-pass designs provide high efficiency, simplicity and low maintenance.

What industries have applications suitable for Sigma’s hot oil systems?

  • Textile processing facilities
  • Automobile manufacturing plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Rubber and plastics processing
  • Timber processing plants
  • Rigid packing companies
  • Publishing and print industries
  • Metal fabrication and finishing services
  • Paper production companies
  • Natural gas processing & transmission
  • Crude oil extraction, processing, & transmission…and many more!

Hot oil systems designed to meet your needs

Our hot oil system designs can be put to work in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Each of these configurations are available in our HC-1 and HC-2 thermal fluid heater modelsUse this RFQ form to find out specific thermal output ranges. All can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Save money with a more efficient hot oil system

One of the real advantages of utilizing a thermal fluid heater is their high efficiency. When paired with waste heat recovery system, it can greatly reduce operating costs. Thermal efficiencies of our heaters are extremely high, depending upon fluid outlet temperature, the fuel you choose and some other factors.

Getting a new heater for thermal fluid can be a challenging task. You need someone to design it for your specific needs. You need a team as experienced as Sigma Thermal to build, pre-test, tune and calibrate your new hot oil system. You’ll also need availability of parts and service for the coming years and all at a cost you can afford. Sigma can do that.

Contact us now

Sigma Thermal can source parts for hot oil system designs originally supplied by other manufacturers. Contact our main office at 770-427-5770 to find out more about parts.