Introducing Our Flaretec Direct Fired Heaters

Sigma Thermal recently merged with Flaretec to further improve our ability to provide top-quality heating solutions for industrial applications. Together, we have further strengthened our direct-fired heater experience and product portfolio.

We design and manufacture three types of direct-fired heaters:

  • Radiant-convective heaters: A direct-fired heater that uses both radiant and convective heating zones
  • Convection heaters: A direct-fired heater that uses only a convection zone, which may be advantageous for certain low-pressure or temperature-sensitive products
  • Radiant heaters: A direct-fired heater that uses only a radiant zone, which is typically used for ultra-high-temperature applications

API 560 is a commonly referenced design code for direct-fired heaters. Flaretec direct-fired heaters can be designed and manufactured with full or partial API 560 compliance as required by the customer.

Direct Fired Heaters

Many industrial applications use direct-fired heaters, including:

Direct Fired Heater

  • Natural gas heating
  • Crude oil heating
  • In-line liquid heating
  • Regeneration gas heating
  • In-line gas heating
  • Thermal fluid heating
  • Other direct process heating
  • Process air heating

Direct-fired heaters provide several advantages over indirect-fired heaters, which tend to cost more, require more maintenance, and use greater amounts of electricity. The precise radiant zone design and row-by-row convection coil design allow for optimal distribution of heat transfer throughout the heater. Sigma Thermal can work with clients to design for all types of process mediums and process conditions. A few common examples are:

Indirect Water Bath Heater

  • Multi-phase fluids
  • Viscous hydrocarbons
  • Suspended solids
  • Gaseous mixtures

Direct fired heaters, like indirect fired heaters, enjoy several customization options when it comes to their fuel source and burner flexibility. Clients can choose between standard and engineered burner configurations that use both traditional and alternative fuel sources as well as natural draft and forced-draft units. We also offer low-emission burners that meet emission requirements including Low NOx and Best Available Control Technology.

Direct fired heaters can exceed base efficiencies of 90% on an LHV basis depending on the process inlet temperature, and when an optional economizer is added, they can achieve as high as 93% efficiency. We also build all units with complete control systems that optimize safety and performance. We supply simple and cost-effective standard panels as well as full process automation and PLC-based combustion controls and BMS.

New Partnerships Enable Global Reach

The Sigma Thermal and Flaretec merger has allowed us to provide industrial process heating equipment and services on a global scale, ensuring higher efficiency, enhanced cost-effectiveness, and extended local market support.

Flaretec has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing direct- and indirect-fired heaters since 1979. The company has an installed base of over 2,000 fired heaters and ancillary process systems worldwide, with heavy concentrations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Flartec Heater

Now under the name of Sigma Thermal Middle East, we have opened a regional office in Dubai U.A.E.. Local sales, project support, engineering, and aftermarket staff will support regional customers, while the original Flaretec office in Chesterfield, England, will remain open as Sigma Thermal UK & Europe to serve UK and European clients.

With This New Merger, Business Is Heating Up

Capitalizing on Flaretec’s 40 years of industry experience and brand recognition, we’ve rebranded all of our direct fired heaters as Flaretec Direct Fired Heaters.

If you would like to learn more about our heating solutions and how we can design new systems to your precise specifications, talk to one of our Application Engineers or request a quote today.

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