Save Money with Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Why implement a waste heat recovery system into your application? With natural gas prices currently trending at historical lows there is no question that the potential payback from waste heat recovery projects has fallen considerably.  That being said, solid economic justification still exists for many simple thermal efficiency improvements.


Do you have an exhaust stack with exhaust temperature over 500Fº?  Does that process operate continuously, or at a high frequency over the course of the year?  Do you have an older heater, boiler, or furnace with burner/combustion control technology that has never been upgraded?  If so, you should consider one of the following relatively simple projects to cut your fuel consumption:

  • Retrofit your burner with modern electronic fuel/air ratio control to keep your burner running on ratio at all firing rates.
  • Consider using a self-contained combustion air pre-heat system that doesn’t require heating an auxiliary process.
  • Install a waste heat recovery coil in your stack to heat water, air, or to make steam for other processes in your plant.

As experts in the heat recovery and combustion automation business, we can provide you with the most appropriate system for your needs.  In addition we can also offer engineering studies and energy audits to determine if you have a viable waste heat recovery project. Contact us today to find out if you should be spending less on your fuel bills.

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